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Telemetry Networks.
Wireless networks built on EnviroNode's versatile telemetry equipment ENVIRONODE RANGE
Control your system from anywhere, anytime. ENVIRONODE RANGE
Local & Remote
Greenhouse Management
Simple, scalable greenhouse sensor and control solutions ENVIRONODE RANGE
Maximise Yield
Simple, scalable greenhouse sensor and control solutions ENVIRONODE RANGE

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Solutions that Grow as You Grow

Powerful farm automation, irrigation management, environmental sensing and precision agriculture.

We support your business with robust, scalable and affordable technology solutions for your growing needs.

Smart Farming from your Smartphone

Control your farm equipment, EnviroNode technology and connected sensors using EnviroDash on your smartphone.

View current and historical data, set alarms and configure equipment from anywhere, at anytime.

· Climate Control

· Misting Control

· Drip Irrigation Control

· Siphon Irrigation

· Bankless Channel Control

· Surface Irrigation Control

· Greenhouse Management

· Livestock Tracking & Management

· Animal Health & Wellbeing Tracking

· Silo & Resource Management

EnviroNode IoT Suite

IoT Devices


Data Loggers



Mobile Apps


EnviroNode Hub

The EnviroNode Hub is a powerful and flexible electronic platform that operates remotely in any climate, forming the foundation for specialised agricultural and industrial systems.

The Hub is in many cases deployed as a telemetry gateway to the cloud, but it is capable of SO MUCH MORE.


It wirelessly manages and communicates with a network of devices over long and short distances. It discovers, connects, concentrates and logs data from sensors and instruments and stores it on it’s internal SD memory. Data is used to locally manage network devices, to report to the Cloud, to interface to existing hardware, for farm automation and much, much more. 


Reach out to EnviroNode to see how a Hub can drive change on your site. 

The EnviroNode hub is an application specific, versatile telemetry device. Each Hub can be factory customised to do almost anything by selecting a combination of up to 4 EnviroNode modules. Each module is either sensing (e.g. analogue, SDI12, serial), communications (e.g. CatM1, 3G, Bluetooth, 2.4GHz wireless) or control (e.g. analogue, digital control).

The Hub can be factory customised to communicate to a range of sensors based on user requirements. Environmental, water, soil, motion, sound and a many other sensors can be managed by the Hub.  LCD screens, payment systems, controllers and devices can also be managed from the Hub.

All EnviroNode equipment can be configured to communicate with smart mobile devices. This includes utilising Internet enabled mobile devices to view and manage the Hub and associated network devices and sensors. The Hub is also capable of local wireless communication from smart phones and tablets, offering flexibility in configuration, testing and manually overriding system parameters from site.

EnviroNode Agriculture Technology

EnviroNode Beacon

Sensing, control and communications without all the fuss.
Simple, no-nonsense, out of the box user experience. Plug in the battery and start sensing, controlling your equipment and communicating with the Cloud and nearby devices immediately.

The Beacon is an incredibly versatile and affordable tool for growers of all kinds. It is many things to many people. For some, it provides freedom to control  pumps, valves and irrigation events remotely and to others, it provides detailed plant growth and sensor data straight to the palm of their hand. The flexibility and possibilities are endless with the EnviroNode Beacon.

The Beacon processes real time data and uses it to automatically control actions on valves, actuators, pumps, gates and more. 

Our most popular sensor Beacons are:



EnviroNode’s engineering team are regularly interfacing new sensors to the Beacon. Need to measure something in particular? Get in touch with us!

  • Resource monitoring and control
  • Greenhouse monitoring and control
  • Irrigation monitoring and control
  • Telemetry sensor networking
  • Proximity, location, and animal welfare monitoring
  • Environmental and climate monitoring and control
  • Misting and crop analysis
  • Water advancement in smart irrigation


Reach out to EnviroNode to see how to use the Beacon for your application.

EnviroNode EFAC Agriculture Technology

EnviroNode Farm Automation Controller

Serious power, control and farm automation for motors, irrigation systems, actuators, relays, valves pumps, gates and more.

Game-changing, wireless, automated, local and Cloud farm automation tech for situations with higher power demands.


Control, communicate, sense, manage equipment and automate your farm with the EFAC.

  • →Variety of wireless communications options e.g. LoRa, 2.4GHz, CatM1 LTE, 3G, satellite
  • →20Amp actuator/solenoid driver
  • →Dosing pump controller
  • →Analogue and digital sensor inputs
  • →12V or 24V integrated solar recharger with max powerpoint detection
  • →9Ah rechargeable battery
  • →Precision analogue voltage inputs
  • →IP66 rated enclosure with IP68 rated waterproof connectors
  • →Powder-coated aluminium mount with stainless fittings
  • →Multiple slots for EnviroNode comms, control and sensing modules
  • →RS485/RS232 serial port
  • →Bluetooth interface and mobile application


  • →Provide local and remote control for greenhouses, broad acre farms, pumping stations, smart irrigation, livestock management
  • →Communicate with local wireless network seemlessly e.g. LoRa or 2.4GHz and Cloud connectivity e.g. CatM1 (4G) LTE or 3G
  • →Control and monitor actuators for risers, gates, smart siphons, irrigation channels
  • →Interface and control dosing pumps, misting, vents, blinds
  • →Receive alarms to inform you of automation events
  • →Configure alerts when sensors detect certain levels
  • →Control your farm from your phone with EnviroDash – free with all Cloud EFACs.

Automate irrigation equipment by using an EFAC to:

  • →Start/stop an irrigation pump
  • →Monitor flow sensors determining how much water is pumped
  • →Monitor other senors such as pressure, EC, pH
  • →Use connected sensors to control the start/stop of the pump
  • →Transmit wireless messages to other EnviroNode tech such as the Solenoid Valve Control Beacon to open/close irrgation valves
  • →Send event details to the Cloud
  • →View all events on EnviroDash
  • →Override/test pump control from phones, tablets etc


EnviroNode's powerful custom web dashboard platform. CONTROL devices on the go. VIEW your current and historical data and setup ALARMS and EVENT SCHEDULES to suit your precise needs.

EnviroDash is your one-stop-shop for accessing all of your EnviroNode devices from any smart phone, tablet or PC. Each custom dashboard provides everything you need to view and control your equipment as needed.


No more heading out to site to check on your gear. Simply relax, login and begin automating events and actions.


Simple and straightforward, no-nonsense stuff.



Think of how many tasks are being carried out on your site that could be automated with EnviroNode tech. Now think how powerful it would be to control these tasks on your mobile device, at anytime, and from anywhere in the world. Think of the productivity boost this translates to – free time to do other productive work by allowing EnviroNode to take care of some of the load.

Each EnviroNode Cloud device comes with a customised EnviroDash account, with a variety of options to interact with your devices. From EnviroDash, you can:


  • →Control pumps, valves, actuators
  • →Open and close vents, gates, valves
  • →Start and stop fans, irrigation, misting
  • →Trigger events based on sensor measurements
  • →Set up time based event schedules to control a range of parameters
  • →Start and stop cloud connectivity

And so much more…

Typical Applications

Broad Acre Farm Automation

Build a scalable telemetry network for sensing, communications and control across your farm

Greenhouse Management

Create low-cost wireless networks across your greenhouse to monitor and control vital parameters and boost productivity

Irrigation Management

Configure, control and manage your irrigation system using EnviroNode IoT devices and your smart phone

Precision Agriculture

Obtain detailed data-driven insights from EnviroNode's scalable, low-cost sensor networks deployed across your site

Custom Engineered Solutions

Allow EnviroNode to form the platform for complex solutions incorporating touchscreens, paywave, audio recording and playback and more

Water Metering

Utilise EnviroNode technology to measure, monitor and report water usage across your farm

Local Management

& Remote Control

Support your operations by introducing EnviroNode solutions and improve productivity and efficiency in the areas that mean most to you. Take back the time to do more productive activities on your site by relying on automation, local and remote control using EnviroNode.

- Scale up your EnviroNode network as you need to, gradually introducing cost-effective technology over time
- Maximise resource application in your operations through control, automation and live feedback
- Farm automation systems to view and manage your site from the palm of your hand
- Incorporate robust, quality hardware that will stand the test of time even in the harshest of environments

Automation Made Simple.

Should you be automating certain tasks on your site to boost productivity? Ask yourself this - what will you gain from remotely managing your site - from anywhere, at anytime? How can you boost your productivity and achieve better results, with much less effort?

Enter EnviroNode - the culmination of over a decade in engineering, research & development in environmental, industrial and the internet of things applications.

Discover the power of scalable, flexible and affordable IoT solutions for your site with EnviroNode.

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