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Monitoring & Farm Automation Kept Simple

The perfect low cost, no-nonsense, well-engineered IoT device to support your farming needs. Ready to go straight out of the box. No data setup, no SIM costs, no assembly, no worries. Plug in your sensor, switch on the Beacon, sit back and start viewing real-time data using your mobile device, from anywhere you like.

Scalable Technology

Add technology progressively with ease, scaling up as your demands evolve.

Powerful IoT

Universal sensor inputs, multiple control outputs, Cloud & wireless communications a breeze.

Always Informed

Custom alarms and messages from your Beacon to your phone. When you want, how you want.

Robust Contruction

IP67, weatherproof, UV and water resistant, rugged product.

Enabling Boosted Productivity through On-Farm, Realtime Data & Automation

AgTech helping to maximise returns through better use of water, fuel, labour, time and more.


Versatility & Scalability at Your Fingertips

Drip Irrigation Automation

Open & close valves with the Valve Irrigation Control Beacon.

Measure tank and water storage depths with the Water Level Beacon and start & stop pumps based on level.

Trigger irrigation start & stop events based on available sunlight using the Solar Radiation Beacon.

Create a network of LoRa, RF, Cat-M1 and other Beacon types, managed by a Hub and viewed anytime on EnviroDash.

Protected Cropping

Automate your greenhouse with an array of wireless sensor Beacons to control vents, fans, heating and more.

Use the EFAC as a fertigation controller with EC, pH, temperature and flow monitoring.

Use available sunlight as an automation event trigger in your greenhouse using the Solar Radiation Beacon.

Monitor VPD, CO2, NH3 temperature, humidity, air pressure and dust inside and outside of your greenhouse.

Environmental Sensing & Farm Automation

Get access to your farm’s critical data at the click of a button using Beacons, sensors and EnviroDash.

Use sensor readings from Beacons as triggers for irrigation, communication, and automation events.

Use Beacons to monitor VPD, radiation, temperature and much more – visit the store for more information.

Smarter Decisions with AgTech

Read about EnviroNode IoT Solutions using wireless Beacons to maintain VPD levels by automating greenhouse vents and fans at the KPMG Smart Food & Fibre Expo.


Modular Automation Technology

Drip Irrigation

Protected Cropping

Crop & Plant Health

Wireless Sensor Networks

Animal Welfare Monitoring

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Beacon Technical Specifications

  • Rugged, IP66 rated, weatherproof, high quality moulded enclosure
  • Powder coated aluminium mounting frame with bird spikes
  • 316 grade stainless steel fittings
  • 4 flexible external IP67 connectors (SMA for wireless or multi-way gold plated for signalling and power
  • Includes:
    • RS485 / RS232 serial communications port
    • USB Port for configuration and firmware updates – USB 2.0 Full Speed (12Mbps)
    • I2C serial port for interface to sensors


  • Optionally fitted with:
    • Cat-M1 Modem
    • SBD Satellite Modem
    • NBIoT Module
    • 2.4 GHz Proprietary RF Module
    • Proprietary LoRa Module
    • LoRaWAN Module
    • GSM Modem
  • 2.6Ah wide temperature range rechargeable lithium ion battery
  • Monitoring, logging & reporting of internal battery voltage, temperature, communications status and external supply
  • Solar charging with automatic battery charge control to match current draw to available solar power
  • Built in digital, UART/i2C inputs
  • 4 x analogue inputs
  • Other options available via a mini modules
  • Integrated Solar Panel
  • Power external sensors & peripheral devices
  • Typically measure and forward functionality
  • On-board data buffer available
  • 2 x slots for mini-modules such as:
    • Cat-M1 Modem
    • SBD Satellite Modem
    • NBIoT Module
    • 2.4 GHz Proprietary RF Module
    • Proprietary LoRa Module
    • LoRaWAN Module
    • GSM Modem
    • 24-bit ADC
    • SDI12
    • 16-bit 0-5V DAC
    • 4-20mA in/out
    • Digital audio tx/rx
    • Voltage free switched inputs
  • Output module optionally fitted for driving latching solenoid valves, staring/stopping pumps and more

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