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Built Tough for High Power Applications

The EFAC is designed with high power applications in mind, such as driving motors, actuators, relays, valves, gates, pumps, doors and more. No more 2 a.m. site visits to check on irrigation or farming events. No more driving around the farm to check equipment. Sit back, and watch the EFAC perform its scheduled tasks, or take the reins and control your equipment from your phone, or from your home.

Reliable Automation

No need to rely on 3rd party networks. Built in, local automation intelligence.

High Power Outputs

1 tonne drivers, 20 Amp actuator & solenoid driver outputs.

Heavy Duty Enclosure

Rugged IP66 extruded enclosure with powder coated aluminium mounting & stainless fittings.

Solar Powered

Integrated 12V/24V solar battery charger with 20/40W solar panel for days of automation and comms.

Supporting your farm automation with robust technology

AgTech helping to maximise returns through better use of water, fuel, labour, time and more.


Serious Tech for Serious Applications

Siphon Automation

Automate the raising and lowering of siphons in flood irrigation.

Run irrigation schedules with automatic detection and stop on fault.

Trigger irrigation start & stop events based on available water.

Communicate with Water Advancement Beacons, to automatically cease irrigation when water reaches a certain location within the furrow.

Create a network of LoRa, RF, Cat-M1 and other EFACs, managed by a Hub and viewed anytime on EnviroDash.

Weir & Penstock Control

Monitor water level and flow to control the direction and movement of water in your system.

1 tonne driver with proportional control with automatic stop on fault and alarm messaging.

Solar powered, with wireless network &/or direct-to-cloud communications.

Form a network of LoRa, RF, Cat-M1 and other EFACs, managed by a Hub and viewed anytime on EnviroDash.

Pump Control

Manage diesel and electric pumps automatically, or remotely via the Cloud and wireless networks.

Use connected pressure and flow readings as triggers for irrigation, communication, and automation events.

Monitor pump efficiency and improve resource use through automated start/stop events.

Automate to stop irrigation based on time, volume and sensor readings.

Form a network of LoRa, RF, Cat-M1 and other devices, managed by a Hub and viewed anytime on EnviroDash.

Smarter Decisions with EnviroNode AgTech

Read about how EnviroNode EFACs automate siphons in the Keytah irrigation system.


Modular Automation Technology

Drip Irrigation

Protected Cropping

Crop & Plant Health

Wireless Sensor Networks

Animal Welfare Monitoring

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EFAC Technical Specifications

  • Rugged, IP66 rated extruded aluminium enclosure
  • Moulded UV, moisture and impact resistant end caps
  • Powder coated solar panel aluminium mounting frame
  • 316 grade stainless steel fittings
  • 5 flexible external IP67 connectors (N-type for wireless or multi-way gold plated for signalling and power)
  • Optional accessories for mounting and sensor interfacing
  • Cat-M1 Modem
  • SBD Satellite Modem
  • NBIoT Module
  • 2.4 GHz Proprietary RF Module
  • Proprietary LoRa Module
  • LoRaWAN Module
  • GSM Modem
  • RS485 / RS232 serial communications port
  • USB Port for configuration and firmware updates – USB 2.0 Full Speed (12Mbps)
  • I2C serial port for interface to sensors
  • 12V or 24V, 7Ah sealed lead-acid battery
  • Monitoring, logging & reporting of internal battery voltage, temperature, communications status and external supply
  • Solar charging with automatic battery charge control to match current draw to available solar power
  • 20 Amp Actuator/Solenoid Driver outputs
  • Monitoring of actuator current with overload protection
  • 12V/24V, 2 Amp Stepper Motor Controller
  • Built in Quadrature Hall Effect / Digital Sensor Input
  • RS485 / RS232 sensor interface
  • 4 channel precision auto-ranging analogue voltage inputs
  • Customise your EFAC with one of the EnviroNode sensor range
  • Combine the EFAC with almost any SDI12, digital and analogue sensor – contact us to discuss your sensor type
  • 20W or 40W Solar Panel  to suit power requirements
  • Power external sensors & peripheral devices (up to 18V & 1Amp)

2 x slots for mini-modules such as any of the communications options listed above plus:

  • 24-bit ADC
  • SDI12
  • 16-Bit 0-5V DAC
  • 4-20mA In/Out
  • Digital audio Tx/Rx
  • Voltage free switched inputs

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