Vaisala Weather Station & Telemetry Hub

  • June 2, 2019



Powerful, flexible and robust solar powered telemetry gateway, controller and wireless network controller, complete with Vaisala WXT536 weather station for measuring a range of weather parameters. Air pressure, temperature, humidity, precipitation, wind speed and wind direction are monitored, logged and communicated by the Hub to EnviroNode components such as EnviroNode Server, EnviroNode Hubs, wireless network devices and to EnviroDash. Data from the Vaisala Weather station is stored locally in the Hub’s onboard SD card memory and sent to the cloud on user defined schedules.

The Hub’s multiple communications and control options support a broad range of applications such as environmental monitoring, climate control, remote equipment control, greenhouse management, wireless network management, irrigation control and management and more.

EnviroNode Hubs are factory fitted with up to 4 modules for auxiliary sensing, control or communications functionality. All external connections are by waterproof, IP67/68 connectors.

The Vaisala Weather Station & Telemetry Hub is supported by a suite of cloud, PC and mobile software enabling remote viewing and control of crucial site parameters. All EnviroNode products are proudly designed, assembled and supported in Australia.

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Enclosure: IP67 rated, Extruded aluminium – hard anodised body. Moulded UV, moisture, and impact resistant endcaps. All external fasteners 316 stainless steel.
Service Hatch: Sealed service provides access to switches, SD and SIM cards and non-waterproof connections.
Solar Panel: 10W or 20W depending on application. Charge rate automatically adjusts depending on available sunlight.
Data storage: FAT32, CSV files saved on SDHC cards up to 32GB capacity.
USB: USB 2.0 Full Speed (12Mbps)
Auxiliary Serial Ports: 1 x RS485 port, 1 x I2C / SPI port.
Battery: 4.9Ah Wide temperature range, lithium-ion.
Power outputs: Dual switched, 4.2V battery voltage at up to 4Amps OR up to 15V at up to 1Amp.
External connections: 5 flexible external IP67 connectors (N-type for wireless or multi-way gold plated for signalling and power). Can be used for communications, sensing, control and/or power output.

WXT536 Sensor

Vaisala Weather Transmitter WXT530 series –

Parameters: W, R, P, T, U – Wind, Rain, Pressure, Temperature and Humidity
Communications: RS-485 Standard ASCII Polled,19200 baud,8,N,1
Connectivity: 8-pin M12 Male Connector and Bushing
Interface: 2m Cable 8-pin M12, Shielded
Vaisala Option: Mounting and Bird Kit
Includes: Vaisala Configuration Tool USB Service Cable, WXT User Guide English WXT530 Series
WXT530 Series Packing, Factory Test Reports


Flexibility in mounting options based on user requirements.

Long-term deployment:
EnviroNode’s custom high quality powder-coated mounting frame is a robust and rugged mounting system, purpose designed to withstand even the harshest environmental conditions.

The mounting kit includes a powder-coated aluminium frame, mast base, 4.2m aluminium mast, rugged mast clamps, integrated bird spikes, 24m of rope with 316 grade stainless accessories and fasteners.

Versatile deployment:
EnviroNode’s custom high-quality tripod-based mounting assembly makes shorter-term deployment simple, practical and robust. Featuring an adjustable aluminium surveying tripod, powder coated Hub mounting plate, custom EnviroNode mount with standard 5/8″ adapter, 840mm mast section, and EnviroNode WXT mounting adapter, this mounting kit provides a complete solution for shorter-deployment of the Hub and Weather Station together.



Modules are either communications, control or sensing. 
GSM /CatM1/NBIoT: Data to the cloud and remote system management
2.4GHz Wireless: Proprietary networked communications between devices and EnviroNode Hubs.
Wi-Fi / Bluetooth: Comms with local wireless networks or with individual mobile devices.
LoRa/LoRaWAN/ SDI-12: Interface to a wide range of environmental sensors.
RS232/RS485: Serial interface to weather sensors, PLCs, industrial controllers / computers, etc. (e.g. via MODBUS)
Satellite: Operates via the Iridium network providing data to the cloud and remote system management. Also provides a two-way text message service for installation and support communications from remote locations
Ethernet: Interface to wired computer networks and the cloud.
Analogue input mini-module (24 bit):Auto-ranging Interface to standard voltage type analogue sensors down to uV level.
Analogue output module (16 bit):Interface to PLCs and climate control systems.
Audio Module (16 bit):Analogue to I2S digital audio recording, signal processing, playback and sub-audio signalling control.
LCD Interface Module (16 bit):Interface to LCD touchscreen for display of data and user control of Hub applications.


EnviroDash for Cloud Hubs allows the user to view current and historical weather sensor and device data from your EnviroDash account. Set scheduled events based on measured WXT536 values, time or other device parameters. View all device details such as battery voltage and solar charging.

Configure alarm notifications, based on user-configurable event triggers. E.g. receive an email when the measured wind speed is greater than expected, or falls outside of a pre-configured range.

EnviroDash account is included with all cellular/CatM1 EnviroNode Hubs.