Temperature & Relative Humidity Beacon



Monitor Temperature & Relative Humidity in your greenhouse precisely and reliably. Calculate HD or VPD to trigger alerts or control events.

This Beacon can be used standalone or included in a wireless network.

Cat-M1 Cloud communications for real-time data reporting of levels and device details to EnviroDash. Other communications options available – see more info here. 

Extremely rugged design, built to survive harsh, humid and difficult environmental conditions.

Bluetooth interface and mobile app for configuration and installation support.

High accuracy, broad range, aspirated, Temperature & Relative Humidity sensor, housed in anti-radiation shield. Find more details in the Tech Specs tab.
Access your devices, sensors and configure irrigation or other automation schedules from any web-enabled mobile device using EnviroDash.

All EnviroNode IoT Solutions technology is backed by EnviroNode’s 5-year equipment warranty.

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Temperature & Relative Humidity Beacon

Beacon Specifications

Enclosure: UV resistant, IP65 rated, weatherproof quality moulded enclosure
Battery: 2.6Ah rechargeable lithium-ion
Power: Integrated Solar Panel

Sensor Specifications

Type: Temperature & Relative Humidity Sensor
Range: -40 to 125 °C (T), 0 to 100% (RH)
Resolution: 0.01°C (T), 0.01 % (RH)
Accuracy: ±0.2°C (T), ±2% (RH)
Housing: White, aspirated, anti-radiation ABS sensor shield, 140 x 65 mm, with waterproof cable gland and stainless-steel fasteners
Mounting: White, aluminium mounting frame with stainless steel U-Bolt and fasteners

Precise Temperature & Relative Humidity Sensing

Ultra-low power EnviroNode Temp. and Relative Humidity Cat-M1 Beacon with integrated solar cell for solar recharging of a 2.6Ah lithium-ion battery. Provides days of temperature and relative humidity monitoring and cloud communications from a single battery charge.

Calculate VPD using the Temperature & Relative Humidity sensor, and use this measurement to trigger automation on site. The sensor is housed in aspirated weatherproof shield. Powered via the integrated solar cell, or optionally using external power supply for permanent installations e.g. in greenhouses.

Robust UV resistant, weather and waterproof Beacon design, suitable for long-term deployment in harsh environmental conditions. Aluminium mounting frame and stainless steel fasteners included. Aspirated, anti-radiation shield for sensor housing.


Flexible Cloud & Wireless Technology

Whether your Beacon forms part of a LoRa or local wireless network, or you prefer your data going straight to the Cloud, we’ve got you covered. The modular nature of EnviroNode technology makes supporting your site’s particular needs a breeze. Have a look at some of the Beacon communications options here, or get in touch with our team to have a chat.


All-in-one Device, Sensor and Schedule Software

View current and historical temperature and relative humidity data from your EnviroDash account.

Set scheduled events based on time or other device parameters and view all device details such as battery voltage and solar charging.

Configure alarm notifications, based on user-configurable event triggers. E.g. when temperature or relative humidity levels fall outside of a pre-configured range.

Set up automation events triggered by real-time sensor data. Talk to us to learn more!

EnviroDash account is included with all cellular/CatM1 EnviroNode technology.


Mobile Apps

Configure & test your EnviroNode devices from your mobile device

All Beacons use the latest in Bluetooth technology to enable wireless configuration and testing.

Test the Cat-M1, LoRa and wireless network signal strength to best position your equipment and antennas.

Setup and test your equipment with live sensor and device feedback in the palm of your hands, viewing diagnostic data while on site from your mobile phone.

Proudly 100% Australian Designed & Made

Designed by our Australian Engineering Team.

Supported by our local technical team.

Built and tested by our Australian manufacturing team.


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