Vaisala Weather Station Hub



Farm and automation system controller, comprehensive data logger, sensor interface and cloud gateway. Secure, reliable, low latency functionality for mission-critical applications. Local, autonomous control with remote management via phone, tablet or PC. Extremely rugged design, built to survive the harshest of environmental conditions.
Sensor information is detailed in the Tech Specs tab, or see the WXT Weather Sensor here to learn more.
Access your devices, sensors and configure irrigation or other automation schedules from any web-enabled mobile device using EnviroDash.

All EnviroNode IoT Solutions technology is backed by EnviroNode’s 5-year equipment warranty.

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AgTech Automation, Sensing, Communications & Cloud Controller

Powerful, flexible and robust solar-powered telemetry gateway, controller and wireless network controller, complete with Vaisala WXT536 weather station for measuring a range of weather parameters. Air pressure, temperature, humidity, precipitation, wind speed and wind direction are monitored, logged and communicated by the Hub to EnviroNode components such as EnviroNode Server, EnviroNode Hubs, wireless network devices and to EnviroDash. 

Data from the Vaisala Weather station is stored locally in the Hub’s onboard SD card memory and sent to the cloud on user-defined schedules. The Hub’s multiple communications and control options support a broad range of applications such as environmental monitoring, climate control, remote equipment control, greenhouse management, wireless network management, irrigation control and management and more. EnviroNode Hubs are factory fitted with up to 4 modules for auxiliary sensing, control or communications functionality. All external connections are by waterproof, IP67/68 connectors.

The Vaisala Weather Station & Telemetry Hub is supported by a suite of cloud, PC and mobile software enabling remote viewing and control of crucial site parameters. All EnviroNode products are proudly designed, assembled and supported in Australia.


All-in-one Device, Sensor and Schedule Software

View current and historical weather sensor and device data from your PC and mobile devices.

Set scheduled events based on measured WXT536 values, time or other device parameters. View all device details such as battery voltage and solar charging.

Configure alarm notifications, based on user-configurable event triggers. E.g. receive an email when the measured wind speed is greater than expected or falls outside of a pre-configured range.

Set up automation events triggered by real-time sensor data. Talk to us to learn more!

EnviroDash account is included with all cellular/CatM1 EnviroNode technology.

Proudly 100% Australian Designed & Made

Designed by our Australian Engineering Team.

Supported by our local technical team.

Built and tested by our Australian manufacturing team.


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